On-Line Courses

The Ramifications of Our Salvation 101

Soteriology is the study of the doctrine of salvation. Soteriology discusses how Christ’s death secures the salvation of those who believe. It helps us to understand the doctrines of redemption, justification, sanctification, propitiation, and the substitutionary atonement.  https://www.gotquestions.org/Soteriology.html

The Ramifications of Our Salvation 102

This course provides thorough instruction on the doctrines of salvation. Emphasis is placed on personal application on winning the lost to Christ. Lectures are on videos; so the student may work at his own pace Total Classroom Hours: 30 hours

Spiritual Gifts – 1 Corinthians

This course is a careful study of the Corinthian Epistles, with special emphasis of problems of the local church and matters of daily Christian conduct. It includes studies on the various gifts of the Holy Spirit

A Portrait of Jesus
Life of Christ – Course I

Our Lord is eternal, without beginning or end; He is omniscient, knowing all things; He is omnipotent, possessing power to do whatever He desires; He is absolutely sovereign, being Lord of all; He not only sets the standard for love because He is love; and none of these attributes can be altered in any way because He is immutable! What a Savior!

Life of Christ – Course II

This course provides thorough instruction on the person and work of our Savior Jesus Christ. The goal is to learn about Him and love Him more and more!
Course Objectives

  • To educate the student about many aspects of Jesus’ life and ministries.
  • To inspire the student to praise God for sending His Son to die for us.
  • To equip the student toproclaim messages about Jesus more effectively.
  • To give ample opportunity for service in our Savior’s name