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Many would agree with the idea that “those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”[1]

Unfortunately, many who know Jesus as Savior have not been taught much about the basics of church history.

Many factors came to the forefront in the 19th century world, particularly in the Church, that still have significant impact in today’s 21st century environment.

It will be the purpose of this book to survey a number of these factors and assess where we are headed today as a result of their continuing effect on thought and practice. The author will focus on situations that occurred in the Western world.

To be sure, some of these influences have had a very positive effect while others have caused great harm.
The beginning of the 19th century should be understood in light of events that took place before 1800.  Politically speaking, much of the 18th century could be accurately described as an age of revolution, particularly in France and the United States. There was a general feeling that the political and religious establishments in Europe were quite oppressive. Many longed-for freedoms from the dictatorial ways of the governments which seemed to dominate every aspect of life.
[1]This quotation is generally attributed to George Santayana (1863-1952).

The Case for The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

It should go without saying that the greatest event in all of history was performed by the greatest Person in all of history, our Savior Jesus Christ!

Consider the significance of religious, political, and military leaders from past generations. Can anyone say about them that they are still held in high esteem thousands of years later?

Great generals win battles for a country or a kingdom, but those countries and kingdoms are later replaced by something else. The same can be said for the impact of inventors, medical researchers, explorers, philanthropists, and political figures.

They all have their place, but they simply cannot compare to Jesus!

It is the resurrection of Jesus Christ that gives the entire world hope! The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the greatest even in all of history!

In recent days this author has come into contact with Mr. David Wood, a fine Christian who is producing a major film on the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

He has graciously asked me to write this booklet as a supplement to and a fundraising tool for his work.

Many thanks to him for his kind invitation!

May the film have significant impact in two ways: 1. The salvation of lost souls, and 2. encouragement/edification for those who have been saved by God’s amazing grace

The Ramifications of Our Salvation

This book has received excellent reviews in the Christian community.

“Very readable to laymen as well as the theologian. ”

A Christian and Missionary Alliance Pastor in Ohio

“[My] heart was stirred as he read this helpful book.”
An independent Baptist pastor in Michigan

“I found myself often saying, ‘I didn’t know that’!”
An evangelist from northwest OH

“The Ramifications of Our Salvation” includes examples from Church History, occasional Greek and Hebrew word studies, practical illustrations, helpful outlines, frequent Biblical quotes, and excerpts from many of the great hymns of the faith.

Four quizzes, a final exam, and an answer key make this book usable as a teaching aid in many different ways.

To learn more about this book, click on the link below:

This practical, readable book is available in paperback or e-book.

Spiritual Gifts Verse by Verse

Have you ever read a commentary on a book in the Bible only to find out that the author tells you all the things you know and “wimps out” on the things you

don’t know?

Spiritual Gifts Verse by Verse: A Commentary on I Corinthians 12-14 deals with every phrase in these three chapters!

Included are an index of Biblical references and 2 appendices on related subjects.

This book gives Biblical answers to an issue that is commonly discussed in Christian circles today.

A Portrait of Jesus

A Christian lady in Virginia once pleaded with the author that believers today need to “see Jesus in His power, His glory, and His love. We need a portrait of Jesus.” Those words became the inspiration to this book. As a rule, when one studies or teaches on Jesus, the emphasis is on what Jesus did while on the earth. Of course, that is a worthwhile study, but there is so much more to our Savior! This book is in 5 sections, looking at Him from eternity past to eternity future! Jesus before time existed Jesus in Old Testament times What Jesus did on this earth What Jesus is doing now What Jesus will do in the final state