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News & Announcements

Two Bible College/Seminary courses are now available from Eleutheros Books: Soteriology (Salvation) and I and II Corinthians. Click on the “Eleutheros School of Theology” link above to learn more!

A soulwinning seminar is available now. Check it out on the “seminars” link to learn more.

The ministry of Eleutheros Books is expanding in Africa! The books are available in Kenya and Uganda. Anyone wishing to make a purchase of The Ramifications of Our Salvation can contact Mr. Tim Kelly in Kenya: or +254 0700935032. In addition, Eleutheros Books are now being used as a text at The Taongi National University’s School of Religion in Liberia.

Soon yours truly will travel to Ghana to use The Ramifications of Our Salvation as a tool to help train pastors and church leaders there.

Efforts are underway to minister to the Spanish speaking world. The Ramifications of Our Salvation has been translated into Spanish.  A fine missionary in Argentina is raising funds to have 1,000 copies printed. If you are interested in making a donation, check out “the Eleutheros Books Global Fund” link to learn more.


God willing, the next book offering from Eleutheros Books will be 19th Century Influences on 21st Century Christianity.     


In recent days I have been in contact with Pastor Zach Malott, a Baptist missionary in SE New Mexico, who ministers on an Apache Indian reservation.

He ordered 50 copies of "The Ramifications of Our Salvation" for his ministry there.  Upon receiving 50 copies of "The Ramifications of Our Salvation," Rev. Zach Malott replied that they would be "perfect for our advanced discipleship program”

--Rev. Zach Malott, missionary to the Apache Indians in SE New Mexico.

A. All books are available in paperback and ebook.

B. Eleutheros Books is proud to be working with a Bible Society based in Millford, OH, so that a Bible and a book will be sent to our brave men and women serving in our US military. The name of that ministry is Bearing Precious Seed.

C. Eleutheros Books is glad to be associated with a Christian Speed Reading ministry. To learn about this low cost opportunity for a valuable educational tool, contact Darryl Hold at 770-324-0076.

D. Any Bible-believing church or organization which would be interested in having the author to conduct a Bible Conference can contact him at or (419) 917-8199.